Burn Notice: Enemies Closer

Synopsis: Michael’s former partner and semi-mentor “Dead Larry” shows up with, true to character, a dead body on Michael’s floor. When the body turns out to be a cartel assassin dispatched to kill Weston, it comes to light that Larry copped Michael’s name in setting up a robbery and now the real Weston is in danger of being killed. Meanwhile, Gilroy sends our favorite spy off on a mission to secure six weeks of flight path information, a task that strains his relationship with Sam.

Review: A pretty solid episode that focuses mostly on the plot of the week, with Gilroy bookending the episode. If there was any doubt about his sexuality, it disappeared quicker than Weston from that hot tub tonight. This may be a little spoilery, but only if you don’t read TV Guide or check out available information on next week’s episode. I liked how Gilroy came right out and told Michael what was on the flight – something so outrageous Weston assumed it was a lie. But judging from next week’s synopsis, turns out Gilroy was totally on the level about the bioweapon.

If there is one problem I had with this episode it came down to the Fiona-Michael dynamic. Namely, Fiona gets really upset with Michael when she realizes that he worked with the stone cold killer Larry for 3 years. She seems sickened by him and it’s her outrage that really drives home the point to Michael that he needs to be better than that. Why is this a problem? Because Fiona is a stone cold killer. Her plan is always to go in shooting or blow something up. She has always been about just killing their way through cases, but when she finds out that Michael, in service to his country, worked with a bad guy, she flips her shit. Not convincing to me.

Other than that, the episode was pretty good. Nate swings by for some reason, dropping the bomb that he’s married to the most annoying woman on Earth. Seriously, who tries to avoid “protein?” Bruce Campbell still makes me laugh every week – more this season than ever before. How about the preview for next week when he does his best Horatio Caine impersonation? Money. Good episode, good preview.

Burn Notice, USA, Airs Thursday 10pm

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