‘Buried’ and Saul Bass Are a Good Combination


Just as I criticize the marketing effort Lionsgate gave to Kick-Ass earlier this year, we receive a high resolution version of the new poster they’ve released for Buried. And look, it’s quite nice. Combining the artistic merits of Saul Bass with a hint to the film’s unique execution of the buried alive premise, this poster is both saying something interesting and looking pretty. The pretty part matters, of course, as this is the kind of thing you might want to hang on your wall, film quality aside.

Luckily the film is solid. In my review from Sundance, I called it “an interesting and bold piece of filmmaking.” It is. I wouldn’t have lied to you then and I don’t intend to start now. Director Rodrigo Cortés holds the audience close to the main character by creating a frightening, enclosed environment. It’s one of those films that experiments just enough to be notable.

Lionsgate will drop Buried into theaters on September 24th in limited theaters and nationwide on October 8th.


Paul Conroy is not ready to die.

But when he wakes up 6 feet underground with no idea of who put him there or why, life for the truck driver and family man instantly becomes a hellish struggle for survival. Buried with only a cell phone and a lighter, his contact with the outside world and ability to piece together clues that could help him discover his location are maddeningly limited. Poor reception, a rapidly draining battery, and a dwindling oxygen supply become his worst enemies in a tightly confined race against time- fighting panic, despair and delirium, Paul has only 90 minutes to be rescued before his worst nightmare comes true.

Poster: (click to enlarge)

Buried Poster

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