Bull Durham Sequel Confirmed, Original Stars Still Not Interested

Tim Robbins in Bull Durham

Moviehole is reporting on a story in the Durham Herald-Sun that claims a sequel to Bull Durham has been green-lit and will begin shooting next spring.  The piece quotes producer Thom Mount as saying the script is currently in development and they have no stars attached yet… but they have a start date?

Confirmation or not, this news may be no more than wishful thinking as two of Bull Durham‘s main stars have recently stated in no uncertain terms that they will not make a sequel. Kevin Costner told Roger Ebert this past summer that “I’ll never make a sequel.”  And Tim Robbins told MTV just last month that “I wouldn’t want to do it… I don’t like sequels, so I don’t want to do sequels.” Susan Sarandon has yet to publicly comment on the idea, but that’s most likely because no one cares.

Bull Durham is one of those rare, successful, adult comedies, but not ‘adult’ in the Judd Apatow sense of purely juvenile (but funny) raunchiness.  Written and directed by Ron Shelton, it’s about an aging, minor league baseball catcher (Costner) who’s tasked with mentoring a wild, hotshot pitcher (Robbins).  And how they both inexplicably fall for the same bug-eyed broad (Sarandon).

Is there any room in your film-loving heart for a Bull Durham sequel?

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