Sarah Michelle Gellar May Go Down the Rabbit Hole

Despite whispers that some other blonde, bubbly and somewhat younger actress is set to play the titular role of Alice in the adaptation of American McGee’s somewhat twisted computer game, Sarah Michelle Gellar is positive that she is still the front runner for the job. In an interview with Radio Free, Gellar said:

“It’s a passion project of mine. It’s a story that I’d love to see. I’m fearful at this rate that I’m going to be the Queen of Hearts because I’m going to be too old to be Alice … It’s something I’d really like to see done. And unfortunately, it was the victim of regime change in the studio. And I’m not getting out. And contrary to what you may have read, it’s still my project.”

While the myriad of Alice adaptations slated for production all base themselves on the traditional tale of Alice, some are more recognisable than others. The cherubic Dakota Fanning was rumoured to be in talks to act in not only an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, but also a possible sequel in Through the Looking Glass, whilst on the other side of the coin, Marilyn Manson is also rumoured to be involved in an Alice project of his own, which probably won’t err on the Disney side of things.

However, the American McGee version of Alice is probably closer to a old movie called Return to Oz than to Alice as we know it. 10 years after her initial trip to Wonderland, Alice’s life has taken a series of nasty turns. She’s been an inmate in an asylum, her family has all been killed and her home is no more. However, when she returns to Wonderland, she discovers that her life isn’t the only one that’s taken a turn for the worse, as the upbeat, if somewhat kooky characters have become little more than darker shades of their former selves. Whilst the original story of Alice is lovable and a fond memory of childhood, this offers a more adult take on the picture, and if it ever gets out of the purgatory that are production delays, should be one to watch.

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