Early Edition: Bruno Does Ron Paul, Disney Does Itself


Time for another fun installment of The Early Edition, catching all of the news you need to know about. If you clicked here because you thought it was our version of a cat delivering the next day’s newspaper to you at four in the morning so you could stop bad accidents from happening, that’s exactly right. We need you to rescue a bunch of puppies from an apartment building fire. Also, there’s movie news involved.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno Makes it to Third Base with Congressman Ron Paul

We’re not surprised that Cohen had the stones to try to con political icon Ron Paul into an awkward sexual encounter for the benefit of his particular brand of comedy, but it is surprising that Paul didn’t realize how far things were going until Bruno had his pants down. Apparently if you want to go around the horn with the congressman, you either have to buy a blimp or just keep your pants on. Keep it PG-13, and he may not even realize he’s on a gay-date.

The politician was actually a decent sport about it – considering some of Cohen usual exploits – and was nice enough to talk about the experience on a conservative radio program and Movie Line got the recording. Should Paul have punched Cohen in the nose? Probably, but at least Cohen didn’t make Paul do a tap dance routine in an airport bathroom.

Gondry Claims Green Hornet Villain will be Scary, Promises Cameo from Original Hornet

In an interview with MTV’s Splash Page, director Michel Gondry made several claims about his Green Hornet project with Seth Rogen. For one, Van Williams, who played the original Hornet alongside Bruce Lee as Kato, has approached the director about making a cameo appearance and Gondry is definitely on board. For two, we should hear some casting news regarding who will play the villain in the film – but even though the part isn’t cast yet, Gondry said he’s “going to be scary like hell.”

Apparently this involves owning a gun with two cannons. Why that’s all that scary, I have no idea, but the director seems to think that the prospect of shooting people “in both eyes with one shot” is equitable to the fear induced when facing the fiery pits of eternity.

Video Proof That Disney Steals from Disney

Executive Editor Neil Miller is constantly monitoring Neil Gaiman’s Twitter account in case he responds to his requests to create a Two Neils Tandem Bike Club. So far, no luck. But the other day, Miller stumbled upon a link to a cool little Cinematical post about how Disney reused a lot of their animation sequences during the 1970s – and they had video to prove it. It’s a must-see for any Disney fan who grew up loving The Jungle Book. Robin Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and The Aristocats.

I’m not a huge Disney buff, but why would they make a film about a family who tries to impress a talent agent by fornicating in their own fecal waste?


Jennifer Jason Leigh Gets High on ‘Weeds’ as Nancy’s Sister

The actress who once murdered a puppy in a film has had a great couple of years appearing in Margot at the Wedding and Synecdoche, New York. Now, she’s going to show up in the hit show “Weeds” as Nancy’s (Mary Louise Parker) estranged sister. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she’ll be featured in at least two episodes – but knowing the show’s story arcs, she’ll most likely end up in a few others as well.

This is pretty cool news, even if for that it simply reminds us that there’s another season of “Weeds” headed our way in June and another already ordered by Showtime.

I, Frankenstein Adaptation Sounds Cool as Hell

To keep the comparisons to hell going, Death Ray Films is going to adapt a comic book that isn’t even out yet. It’s a forthcoming property by Darkstorm written by Kevin Grevioux (the bad ass behind “Underworld”) that features some familiar horror icons in modern settings. Sort of a League of Extraordinary Dudes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Frankenstein is a private detective in the classic noir sense. Dracula is a crime boss, and the Invisible Man is a secret operative.

The best part of the adaptation is the crew involved. Patrick Tatopoulos. Bam. Kevin Grevioux. Bam. And, in a very cool move, FSR friend Ryan Turek from horror site Shock Til You Drop, will be developing alongside producers Robert Sanchez and Chris Patton. Bam.

I’m sorry if even referencing The League of Extraordinary Gentleman made some of you shudder. Hopefully, this film will be a bit stronger adaptation even if the source material doesn’t quite exist in the public realm yet.

Until tomorrow, this has been your Early Edition.

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