Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan Are ‘A Couple of Dicks’

Some news items just make you giggle.

Take for example the news that Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan will be co-starring in a film formerly called A Couple of Dicks (Google search that title, I dare you), about “a pair of cops who track down a stolen baseball card, rescue a Mexican beauty and must deal with gangsters and laundered drug money.” According to Variety, Kevin Smith is attached to direct. To make things more suspicious, Variety is also reporting that the film was written by Robb and Marc Cullen, not Smith himself. Someone’s cleaned up the title to the lemony-fresh A Couple of Cops, which will probably play better in Wyoming.

So, not only do we have what could amount to the most disastrous/brilliant screen pairing since Robert De Niro had to cart Charles Grodin’s ass all over America in Midnight Run or since Steven Seagal had to buddy-up to DMX in Exit Wounds, but we also get Kevin Smith directing a movie for a major studio that he didn’t even write.

How will it play out? I’m not sure. Smith got a lot of cred for the job he did with Zack and Miri Make A Porno for moving a couple steps forward as a director. Personally, I still think he’s not a very good storyteller and still a better writer than director, but Warner Bros. seems to think that he’s got the talent to produce a detective comedy. It will be interesting to see how Smith handles someone else’s material for a change and whether or not he ends up re-writing a draft by himself anyway.

As far as the cast? I love it. Tracy Morgan will undoubtedly play Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis will be the grumpy over-the-hill detective who sometimes smirks and makes corny jokes. Bruce Willis has never been a man synonymous with funny but God knows people keep trying to prove that he can do it. For every Look Who’s Talking he’s done, there’s been a Hudson Hawk, Death Becomes Her, and Look Who’s Talking Too.

So let’s put this on our radar for 2010 for the following reasons. A.) to see if Kevin Smith can direct a major studio film he hasn’t written, B.) to see if Smith can coax some comedy out of Willis and C.) to wonder if we can handle a feature-length running time of Tracy Morgan’s shenanigans – and see that if A Couple of Dicks becomes success maybe we’ll get to see a screen-adaptation of Who Dat Ninja after all.

What’s your favorite brilliant/disastrous comedy pairing?

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