Broken Projector Podcast: What The Hell is Happening to VFX? (w/ Guest Jim Hillin)

Life of Pi Without VFX

Several companies at the top of their game have now gone bankrupt, hundreds protested outside the Oscars, the Jaws theme added insult to injury, and it all adds up to the VFX industry being in trouble. But how can something so central to modern filmmaking be struggling to stay alive? If blockbusters earn billions on the back of stunning CGI wizardry, why are the best in the business failing?

Industry veteran Jim Hillin joins us to explain it all in simple terms and to offer a few solutions in the face of a complex, dire situation. Plus, Geoff and I share a few big visual effects moments that changed movies by delivering real magic.

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On This Week’s Show:

  • A Serious Note [0:00–1:00]
  • Jim Hillin on the VFX Industry [1:00–25:30]
  • VFX Moments That Changed Movies [25:30–37:30]
  • Drunk on Patton [37:30–42:00]

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