All Your Screenwriting Questions, Answered

From "What screenwriting books should I read?" to "How do I get an agent?"

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From “What screenwriting books should I read?” to “How do I get an agent?”

This week from the Alan Smithee Memorial Studio, Scott and Geoff cover the basics of screenwriting by answering the most frequently asked questions. Deep breath.

An intro note on methodology and where to learn formatting [0:00 – 4:15]

A way to rethink the questions you’re asking [4:15 – 9:10]

“Do I have to move to LA?” [9:10 – 11:28]

“How do I get an agent/manager?” [11:28 – 18:10]

“Where do I find scripts?” [18:10 – 20:45]

“What screenwriting books are the ‘right’ ones?” [20:45 – 24:00]

“How do I pitch?” [24:00 – 25:50]

“Should I go to film school?” [25:50 – 31:05]

“I just finished my first script. What do I do now?” [31:05 – 37:45]

“How do I get an actor/actress to read my script?” [37:45 – 44:35]

“How do I get a job as a TV writer’s assistant?” [44:35 – 50:05]

“How did you get your start?” [50:05 – 54:55]

“How do you come up with your ideas?” [54:55 – 59:10]

“What are agents/managers/producers looking for?” [59:10 – 61:05]

“What genre should I write?” [61:05 – 61:10]

“How do you impress a reader?” [61:10 – 63:15]

“How do you expose yourself personally in your writing?” [63:15 – 68:45]

Closing thoughts [68:45 – 73:30]

Your homework: 

Screenplay formatting at

Bitter Script Reader’s note on making your questions meaningful and productive

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