Broken Projector: The Harry Knowles/Alamo Drafthouse Problem

Alamo Drafthouse

A series of allegations of sexual assault have revealed another cinematic holy place that needs to change. But even if everyone wants to heal, what does moving forward look like?

IndieWire’s Film Editor Kate Erbland joins Scott to share her reporting on the sexual assault allegations against Aint It Cool founder Harry Knowles. They also consider Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League’s responses to the revelation that he’d brought Devin Faraci back onto the payroll only a few weeks after the Birth Movies Death editor-in-chief stepped down following allegations against him last year, as well as more stories of protectionism instead of punishment for assailants at the Drafthouse.

As several groups came together to talk during Fantastic Fest (see here, here, and here for a start) and online, the biggest questions circle around how the Drafthouse can make real changes in order to value a safe environment for women, how the film critic community can work to actively bring women’s voices into the ranks, and whether we can keep an eye on accountability once the initial outrage has died down.

Your homework:

The fallout from Cinefamily’s own sexual assault crisis

Harry Knowles alleged sexual assault

Four more women accuse Knowles

Tim League’s apology with a new board of directors for Alamo Drafthouse

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