The Luke Cage and American Horror Story writer describes her path to the writers’ room and answers your questions.

This week from the Alan Smithee Memorial Studio, Akela Cooper joins Scott and Geoff for a conversation about going from rural Missouri to the writers’ rooms of several hit shows [start – 13:45].

Then, answers to your questions about nurturing an undeveloped idea [13:45 – 20:00]; how you know a story idea is worth pursuing [20:00 – 24:25]; how much change your characters have to go through [24:25 – 29:40]; if you should tailor your writing to the 20-something assistants reading for their bosses [29:40 – 35:40]; how to make dialogue pop [35:40 – 41:05]; and if you should worry about being able to write one genre for TV and another for film [41:05 – 50:00].

Your homework: 


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