‘Broken City’ Trailer: Russell Crowe Against Mark Wahlberg in War of Spray Tan vs. Stubble

Broken City Trailer

There are two kinds of dangerous men in the world: those that have been treated like they’re important for so long that they start to feel like the rules don’t apply to them, and those that have been beat down for so long that they stop caring about the consequences. In Allen Hughes’ (of The Hughes Brothers fame) new film Broken City, Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg are called upon to play one of each.

Crowe’s character is a well-manicured but corrupt big city mayor who does what it takes to get what he wants. Wahlberg’s is a scruffy, down-on-his-luck ex-cop turned private dick. The intrigue of the film comes when Crowe’s character hires Wahlberg’s to tail his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and get some evidence that she’s been cheating. Once he does, that’s when the murders, cover-ups, and dirty pool starts happening. Suddenly Wahlberg is sucked into a downward spiral of noir badness, and Broken City becomes a battle of brains vs. brawn between its two stars.

There seems to be a bunch of macho posturing on both sides (you can always tell a movie character is serious when he stares intently at someone else, flares his nostrils, and says, “You’re gonna walk away”), so it’s probably going to be a close fight. Who do you think is going to come out on top? Check out the new trailer for the film and decide. Also, is that a Moby song playing at the beginning of this thing? When’s the last time somebody put a Moby song in an ad? What is this, the year 2000?

Broken City is set to hit theaters on January 18th, but you can get a taste of its gritty darkness (gross) now. [Apple]

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