Brokeback Iraq: Wachowskis Working on ‘Hard R’ Gay War Love Story

Andy Wachowski and his brother sister brother Larry, creators of The Matrix, have been working on something new. In fact, several months ago speculation began on their next project courtesy of a few tweeted photos from Arianna Huffington. Since then, we’ve heard very little about the project.

Today, Deadline is reporting that they are circulating a new project that will take them to Iraq. It will also take them back to Bound territory with a little bit of same-sex lovin’. The new project is said to be “a drama that focuses on a “hard R” homosexual relationship between a U.S. soldier and an Iraqi. It’s a cinema verite-style treatment that begins in the near future and then spans back over years that include the current war in Iraq.”

Word on the streets of America (and Cannes) is that the brothers are done with the script and they’re looking to make this their next project as directors. They are currently looking for financing. After the relative failure of Speed Racer, it might not be the easiest road to take with such a unique premise. Then again, everything the Wachowskis do is pretty out there.

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