Brendan Fraser is Gung Ho for GI Joe

Brendan Fraser is Gung Ho in GI Joe

Mummy series actor Brendan Fraser has confirmed that he’ll be taking on a role in the upcoming GI JOE film, bringing the films casting expenditures to just under $12 billion. Fraser will be handling the role of Gung-Ho, a former Marine who joined the Joe team. Hopefully they’re abandoning the original Gung-Ho.

What, you say? Well you see, Gung-Ho was from Louisiana and he was a cajun and had an accent. I do not want Brendan Fraser trying to do that accent. So he should just be some other Marine, rather than butchering his way through some faux-French.

GI JOE hits theaters on August 7th, 2009, and will follow the adventures of an international action team fighting against the evil terrorist group known as COBRA, as well as butting heads with Scottish arms dealer Destro.

Source: Latino Review

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