‘Brake’ Trailer: Stephen Dorff Gets Trapped in a ‘Buried’ and ‘Saw’ Hybrid

By  · Published on February 24th, 2012

If you made it through Buried without the assistance of prescription drugs and found yourself thinking afterwards, “damn, I’d love to see another thriller that involves a dude, a box, a mission, and a cell phone,” have we got a treat for you! Gabe TorresBrake includes all of those elements, plus bonus water torture!

Starring Stephen Dorff (between this, Somewhere, Immortals, and Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, the former heartthrob is having a real renaissance – well, let’s not count Bucky Larson) as a Secret Service agent who wakes up in a plexiglass box in the trunk of a car, Brake comes across like the bastard child of Buried and Saw. See, Dorff’s Jeremy Reins has been trapped in the box by some nefarious types (duh), who won’t let him go until he gives up some government info. And they’re not content to just trap him in the box, they’ve rigged up some real torturous treats to unleash on him as time ticks down until it’s run out. Take a deep breath and watch the trailer for Brake after, ahem, the break.

My main beef with this trailer is that it gives so much away – it reads more like a condensed version of the film. Why not save those tricky twists for the actual film? However, that plexiglass box does allow a lot more visual freedom, and it works to alleviate some of the strain of confinement. Brake’s official synopsis doesn’t tell us much more than the trailer does, but hey, at least we know what Roulette is:

Jeremy Reins (Dorff) is about to have a very bad day. He wakes up in total darkness, confused and disoriented. The only light comes from the blood-red digital numbers ticking away above his head. Jeremy quickly realizes he’s in trouble. It’s hard to breath. He can barely move. And no one will answer his cries for help. Then, he hears the sound of an engine and it all becomes clear…he’s trapped in the trunk of a moving car. As his captors reveal themselves and their motives, Jeremy realizes he won’t be set free until he gives up the whereabouts of “Roulette,” a secret location where the U.S. President is taken in the event of a terrorist attack.

Brake will be available on SundanceNOW.com, Amazon.com, iTunes, XBox, or Playstation starting February 17, with a theatrical release following on March 23. Find out more at Facebook.com/BrakeThriller.