Bradley Cooper Chooses Wisely, Gets Away from McG

After the success of both Wedding Crashers and The Hangover, Bradley Cooper seemed ready to jump all over the wave of good fortune and get to work on becoming a genuine movie star. He took paycheck gigs (All About Steve, Valentine’s Day) and kept the balance with a little bit of action (The A-Team). He’s also attached, of course, to the sequel to The Hangover. Not a terrible career plan, if you ask me.

Today we learned of another good choice made by the young actor: to stay far away from Terminator Salvation director McG. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that he’s dropped out of McG’s upcoming spy comedy This Means War – in which he was planning to star alongside Reese Witherspoon – due to scheduling conflicts with the second Hangover movie. The only problem is that This Means War was scheduled to shoot in the summer and The Hangover 2 wasn’t due to start until the fall. A source close to Cooper said that there were “creative concerns” about the McG project, including issues with the script. Our best guess is that Cooper realized that he was about to make a movie with McG and backed out. That’s what we’d do, anyway.

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