Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Red Band Trailer Arrives

IGN has debuted the first trailer for Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day this afternoon, giving longtime Saints fans their first look at the long-awaited sequel. Director Troy Duffy has beaten the odds seen in the documentary Overnight, has brought his cast back together and has delivered what appears to be something in-line with the first film. The sequel follows the McManus brothers as they are hunted by the son of mobster Yakavetta, played by Judd Nelson. Yes, that Judd Nelson.

The film also stars Clifton Collins Jr., who you’ll remember from Crank: High Voltage and Mike Judge’s upcoming comedy Extract. That guy is in everything these days, isn’t he? As for the rest of it ‐ there appear to be plenty of guns, plenty of blood and a similar tone to the first film. The only thing that really bothers me is that stars Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus look quite weathered ‐ the past 10 years don’t appear to have been kind to them. One person who has seen some kind years is Julie Benz, who plays the sexy, quirky protege of part one’s Agent Smecker (Willem Dafoe). Who knows if it will all work, but this trailer is good enough to keep me interested for now.

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day is due in theaters November 1, 2009. Watch the trailer via the embed below.

[via IGN]

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