Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day — Finally Happening?

What better way for movie fans to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than to kick back with a few Guinness and watch their favorite Irish-esque films? For me, there is The Brothers McMullen (which is vastly underrated) and of course, Troy Duffy‘s 1999 cult-classic Boondock Saints, which starred Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus as two Irish Catholic brothers who decide to take the law into their own hands. It was a barrage of bullets, blood and Religious fanaticism satire like nothing we have ever seen before. The film also benefited from wonderful cameos by Willam Dafoe as the overtly gay detective trying to track down the brothers, David Della Rocco as the boys’ eccentric friend and Billy Connolly as a legendary hit man, called upon only when it came time to take out the worst people.

Boondock Saints was a film that achieved cult status almost exclusively on DVD. For those who have seen the documentary Overnight, which showed off the very real, very abrasive side of writer/director Troy Duffy, you understand why it was only in theaters for about 20 minutes. Yet despite the shortcomings of the film’s creator, fans have long been chomping at the bit for a sequel — only to be continually disappointed, as the project has been in limbo since the moment Duffy told Bob and Harvey Weinstein to go —- themselves (which, coincidentally, happened before the first film was ever made).

Never fear though, Saints fans, as Troy Duffy has posted the following video to his YouTube account, announcing that the production of Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day will begin sometime this summer, under the watchful eye of Sony Pictures.

[flv: 460 376]

For hardcore Saints fans, this is fantastic and somewhat frightening news all at the same time. You can be excited that the gears are in motion for the sequel, but you must also remain skeptical to some degree — we all saw Overnight, we know that Troy Duffy has a big black mark on his permanent record from the way things went down with the first film. We can only hope that he will behave himself long enough to deliver another awesome flick, as the first film was amazing. It is also exciting to hear that all of the principal cast is still interested (at least based on what Duffy has said) — you really couldn’t do the sequel without Flannery, Reedus and Della Rocco, to say the least.

Update: I just got word from my good friend Pete at Slashfilm that the video above mysteriously disappeared about an hour after it was posted to Troy’s YouTube account. Could this be a result of the studio not 100% on board yet? Curious.

Sound Off: Do you think this is the real deal this time? Will Troy Duffy finally get his sequel made?

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