‘Bone’ Comic-to-Film Adaptation Gets a Writer and Director

Jeff Smith’s beloved comic series “Bone,” a fantasy story about three lumpy, white, people-looking things, has been the subject of movie adaptation talks for quite some time. First Paramount was going to do something with the property, then Nickelodeon, and finally the rights landed over at Warner Bros., where last word was that they were planning a CG-animated trilogy, news that was beefed up by a four-minute short that showed off what the Bone cousins could look like.

I’m not certain if these new developments are attached to that short in any way, or even if a trilogy is still the direction WB is planning on going with this one, but according to Heat Vision there are new developments concerning at least some sort of animated Bone project. They say that Sean Patrick Smith, the creator of the ABC Family series Greek, has been tapped to write a script for a Bone film, with Peter Pan director P.J. Hogan coming on to helm. Animal Logic, the animation house behind Happy Feet 2 and that Zack Snyder movie about the talking owls, is set to produce, so the plan right now is for Smith to turn in his script, Hogan to do a polish, with the production of the film then taking place in Australia, where both Hogan and Animal Logic are located.

Usually when there’s some sort of underground, cult comic book that has been trying to make its way to the big screen for a long time but hasn’t been producing any results, I feel like the continued effort is wasted. Why keep pouring resources into a project that isn’t coming together if it only has limited name recognition and the niche audience who loves the thing will spread bad word of mouth once you change their baby anyway?

I can see some real potential in a series of Bone movies, though. Not only do I think these characters could pull in some big bucks in the little kid market, it just seems to me that some fun film-going experiences could be had by all if this one ever got done and done right. Personally, I like seeing that things are finally moving forward in a concrete way for this project. But what do you think? Am I the only one dying to see Bone get animated?

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