‘Blue Ruin’ Trailer: Revenge By the Seashore

By  · Published on March 4th, 2014

There are few things to watch that are as satisfying as a good old fashioned revenge story, and if the new trailerfor Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin is any indication, we’ve got another excellent case of death-bringing on our hands.

The trailer begins with a man named Dwight (Macon Blair) awakened from his apparent home, a car resting on the coastline near the beach. He’s looking worse for the wear, as those living in their cars are wont to do. A kind police officer spells it out in soothing voiceover that he’s had his reasons for living his life in hiding. With that gentle rap on the car window, though, the officer is unleashing a whole new can of worms for Dwight to devour: the man who killed Dwight’s parents when he was a child has been released from prison. While the officer seems to think that this news will shock and terrify Dwight, it appears the opposite is going to happen.

This is a revenge flick, and Dwight is going to hit the road to track that son of a bitch down. “What he did to them was awful,” the officer coos about halfway through the trailer as images of Dwight’s childhood play, juxtaposed with blood-soaked rooms and gun barrels. Well, what Dwight’s about to do to him is probably going to be even worse. If the quiet, maybe too eerily mellow trailer is any indication of the film’s tone, then we’re in for something disturbing.

Our own Rob Hunter very positively reviewed the film at Fantastic Fest last year, calling it “simply devastating.” Quoth Hunter: “Writer/director Jeremy Saulnier is wise to trust not only his lead character and actor but also his audience. Plot details and motivations are never shoved in our direction like street corner pamphlets but are instead revealed only when necessary.”

Blue Ruin is in theaters and on VOD April 25th.