‘Blue Jasmine’ Trailer Comes Down on the Dark End of the Woody Allen Spectrum


If a movie was written and directed by Woody Allen, you can pretty much guarantee that its main character is going to be a basket case who’s plagued with neuroses. But while there’s always a dark twinge to the way human beings create compulsions around their past traumas, Allen is famous for being able to look at our foibles from a slanted enough angle to make them funny, even while they’re tearing us apart.

His new movie, Blue Jasmine, may see Allen working closer to the dark end of that floating scale that goes from funny to troubling, however, because the work that Cate Blanchett is doing in the new trailer for the film looks to be too raw nerve and edgy to fit alongside much of the patented Woody Allen aloofness that we’ve become familiar with over the course of his career. What happens when a rich and snooty New Yorker loses all of her money and is forced to go stay with her sister in the Earthy, pot smoke-clouded confines of San Francisco? Turns out she breaks down, hard, and though there’s obviously laughs to be had due to her ridiculous behavior, some of her fall can get rough to watch.

Oh yeah, as you can see, this is also the Woody Allen movie that’s got Andrew Dice Clay and Louis CK in it, so it’s got that going for it too. You know the drill when it comes to discussing Allen’s mammoth career at this point – does it look like Blue Jasmine is going to be peak Woody, or one of his minor works? Is it the next Midnight in Paris, or the next When in Rome? This trailer looks rich and interesting enough that I’m betting on the former. The film opens July 26.

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