Bill Condon Now Romantically Linked to Twilight

Bill Condon

Following a flurry of A-list director rumors for the upcoming two-part installment of the Twilight series, which will take on the final book “Breaking Dawn” with two films, a leading contender has emerged. Oscar winner Bill Condon – whose work you’ll recognize from Dreamgirls and Kinsey, and as a screenwriter on Chicago – is now being reported as Summit Entertainment’s top choice to take over where David Slade’s Twilight: Eclipse will leave things off this summer.

Over at Deadline, Mike Fleming is saying that “after several strong meetings, they are negotiating.” And if negotiations go well, Condon will be working alongside screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and “Twilight” creator Stephenie Meyer to create the final chapter in the series. At least the final chapter(s) as we know it. There is that extra novella that will be making its way to bookshelves this year, and most likely to theaters not far into the future, assuming the success of Eclipse and two Breaking Dawn films.

It is presumed that Condon would bump Breaking Dawn up as his next project, pushing back several other (more interesting) projects, including a Richard Pryor biopic with Marlon Wayans that’s set up at Columbia Pictures, or an adaptation of Salmon Fishing in Yemen. Both projects would have to wait for not one, but two Twilight films. The fact remains though, that Twilight is a lucrative franchise. It is also a franchise in need of great storytellers at the helm. Summit has at least one good storyteller lined up with Slade, and Condon would make two. Not bad for this little Twilight phenomenon.

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