Bilbo Baggins to Journey With Nick Frost and Simon Pegg to ‘The World’s End’

We’ve been hearing about Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s next film together as co-writers for a while. A mashup between the concepts of the pub crawl and the apocalypse, The World’s End has been said to be the third film in an informal trilogy that started with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Other than Wright directing and co-writing the film with Pegg, we’ve also known from the start that Pegg was set to re-team with Nick Frost as its stars. But, seeing as the film’s synopsis says that it’s about five friends in their forties trying to recreate an epic pub crawl they completed when they were younger, there’s always been a question of who else was going to be joining the cast. Well, a press release put out by Universal today not only confirms a couple names that have been floating around for a while, it also adds two more to the mix.

Let’s just go ahead and list the four names, along with something impressive they’ve been a part of. Joining Pegg and Frost on their doomed journey will be the lovely Rosamund Pike (An Education), the charming Paddy Considine (Submarine), the versatile Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes), and the prolific Martin Freeman (you know, Tim from The Office, Dr. Watson, Bilbo Baggins…he’s kind of a big deal).

Probably Wright, Pegg, and Frost all working together again was enough incentive to get everybody on board with The World’s End already, but if for some reason you were still a little on the fence about letting these guys have another go around, there are four more arguments as to why this one is likely to rule. Filming is reportedly going on now, so the magic has already started to happen.

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