Betty White Fad Not Over, Gets Spot on ‘Community’

It seems like kismet that I was just this afternoon re-watching the post-apocalyptic paintball episode of Community over dinner. It’s perhaps one of the single best half-hours of television I’ve witnessed in a long time. It makes sense that mere hours later I’m writing about Betty White, 88-year old star of the internet generation, and her upcoming stint on this wonderful show. Her spotlight continues to shine after Facebook and Saturday Night Live and elevation to culture meme status, and now she’s getting time with one of the funniest shows on TV. Beginning with the season two premiere, she’ll play professor June Bauer, an esteemed, albeit slightly unhinged, anthropology professor.

There’s no word on whether she’ll appear in any other episodes, but if I had to guess, one Betty White appearance should be enough to help Community beat CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, which is rumored to be invading its time slot. Oh networks, how you torture us with choices of which show to DVR and which to watch live. The answer is clear: watch Community, DVR The Big Bang Theory (being able to rewind on the lovely Kelly Cuoco is never a bad thing).

NBC has not yet set a date for the Community premiere.

[THR Live Feed]

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