Best Worst Movie Brings Goblins to Austin, Then the World


Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to finally see Best Worst Movie, Michael Stephenson’s delightful documentary about the fan culture surrounding the “worst movie of all-time,” Troll 2. In the film Stephenson, a child actor who starred in the movie in question, travels the country with his fellow cast-mates – many of whom you’ve never heard of before – almost bewildered at the fact that such a bad movie has gained such a loyal cult following. From Austin to San Francisco to New York, audiences turn out by the hundreds to screen Troll 2 and meet the people who made their favorite bad movie.

As I mentioned, it was a delightful experience. Full of humor and true movie-loving spirit. But I’ll save the details for my forthcoming review, which should be on the site later this week. And speaking of later this week, the Alamo Drafthouse – FSR’s favorite hometown theater – is having a big premiere event this coming weekend. Michael Stephenson and his fellow Troll 2 cast mates George Hardy and Jason Steadman will be in attendance for the 7:00p and 9:50p shows on Saturday and Sunday, and the Alamo is holding a Troll 2-themed party at The Highball following the 9:50p Friday screening. It’s going to be a blast. You can get tickets and more information at

In addition to drawing movie fans to this weekend’s festivities, Best Worst Movie has also drawn goblins – like the ones seen in Troll 2 – to the streets of Austin. They are posting their travels on Facebook. I will admit that I haven’t left the house in the last four days because I have a thing about goblins (they’re creepy, seriously), but if you’re around town you may want to keep an eye out for them. They’ve got four days of archived photos at locations ranging from the Texas Capitol Building to the Alamo Drafthouse. Check them out by clicking any of the images below to view the corresponding days’ archive.

Day One:

Best Worst Movie in Austin: Day 1

Day Two:

Best Worst Movie in Austin: Day 2

Day Three:

Best Worst Movie in Austin: Day 3

Day Four:

Best Worst Movie in Austin: Day 4

For more information about Best Worst Movie, including when it might be coming to your neck of the woods, check out Here is a quick list of upcoming screenings and locations:

  • April 23 – Austin, Alamo Drafthouse
  • May 14 – New York City, Village East Cinema
  • May 21 – Los Angeles, Landmark Nuart
  • June 4 – San Francisco, Landmark Lumiere
  • June 4 – Berkeley, Landmark Shattuck
  • July 2 – Washington D.C., Landmark E Street Cinema
  • July 16 – St. Louis, Landmark Tivoli
  • July 23 – Atlanta, Landmark Midtown Art Cinema

And finally, you can watch the trailer for Best Worst Movie below.

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