The 25 Best Movie Weapons Ever

We rank the best movie weapons ever.

Along with a stylish outfit and iconic personality, a signature weapon completes an action hero’s persona. A character’s weapon says a lot about them. For many, the weapon is part of their characters, for others, the weapon distracts from how uninteresting they are. Nevertheless, signature weapons have evolved greatly throughout film history spawning varieties of functions and style. We’re excited to figure out which is the best movie weapon.

So what constitutes a good movie weapon? Let’s break it down. We’ll evaluate each weapon based on three criteria: power, versatility, and cool-factor.

Power: How much damage and destruction can you inflict with this weapon? Does it slice? How well does it dice? Does it blow stuff up? Can you beat people with it?

Versatility: Does it have long and short range capabilities? Can they help you fly or open teleportation channels? Does it do more than one thing?

Cool Factor: How cool does it look? How iconic is it? Does it complete an outfit? Does it elevate its wielders cool points?

Each category has a max score of 4, and each weapon will be ranked on its cumulative score. Of course, subjectivity is in full effect here, but using these criteria we’re sure we can rank the best movie weapons. Here are the 25 best movie weapons.

Hattori Hanzō Katana – Kill Bill

A long, gracious sword, Beatrix is a killing machine with this weapon in hand. The sword slices and dices, but it loses points because it doesn’t do much else. But does it need to? It obviously pales in comparison to weapons like the lightsaber or Stormbreaker, but it is very cool and holds its own as a classic piece of cinematic memorabilia.

Chainsaw Hand – Evil Dead Franchise

A chainsaw may very well be the most effective zombie killing machine. How do you improve this zombie killing machine, you may ask? Easy, make the chainsaw a part of yourself. Ash Williams is clearly on another level of innovation and we’re all blessed to witness it. Obviously, the chainsaw hand is really only great at destroying the evil dead, and we’re perfectly okay with that.

Captive Bolt Gun – No Country For Old Men

Anton Chigurh’s cattle gun is an innovative, frightening way to murder motorists or open up locks. Although Chigurh only uses this weapon once on a victim, it still sticks out to many as a horrifying murder device. Chigurh scores extra cool factor points for innovation and pure intimidation.

Noisy Cricket – Men in Black

Sometimes big things come in small packages and this is certainly true for Agent J’s signature weapon. The noisy cricket scores big points in power because of the massive energy blasts it produces but loses points in versatility because it would be difficult to use in all situations. It also loses points because it looks ridiculous.

Phaser – Star Trek

Phasers are cool. They’re basically just space guns, but what distinguishes them from other space blasters are its multiple abilities beyond killing. Along with taking down villainous aliens like the Borg or Klingon, phasers are also capable of stunning less dangerous offenders and are able to be used as tools to heat things up. Phasers are among the first space blasters ever and they’re sure to stay for a long time.

Wolverine’s Claws – X-Men

Wolverine himself is a weapon, and his adamantium claws coupled with his ultra-healing, super strength, and unsuppressed rage makes him the perfect killing machine. Fortunately, for the bad guys, Logan is handicapped by the lack of versatility his claws present, but it’s not much a handicap to overcome. Wolverine’s claws are awesome, and we’re sad that we may not see them in a while.

My Little Friend – Scarface

What gun is more iconic than Scarface’s little friend? Obviously, it’s just a gun and it can’t do as much as other weapons on this list, but it certainly does more than a mere sword and it’s stance in cinematic history deserves a spot on this list.

Nunchaku – Game of Death

Bruce Lee’s iconic yellow nunchucks from Game of Death are awesome. They’re clearly a hard weapon to master, but Lee makes it look easy, bringing us an incredible fight scene on the first level of the pagoda. Alongside the classic yellow jumpsuit, the nunchucks perfectly fit Lee’s bright yet disciplined persona.

Indy’s Whip – Indiana Jones

Not only does Indy’s whip work well as a weapon against enemies, it also serves as an extension of his hands so that he can swing across rooms, hangs from trucks, or even pull women in for a kiss. As one of the most iconic weapons of all time, we’re certainly glad that Indy’s whip makes no sense from a physics perspective because it would be no fun if it did. Does anyone want to see Indy’s whip back in action?

Han Solo’s DL-44 – Star Wars

Han’s signature blaster was favored because it was very powerful at close range and great at penetrating stormtrooper armor. While not as powerful as Chewie’s bowcaster, the DL-44 is easily concealable, which certainly comes in handy when Han needs to shoots first

. Furthermore, the blasters handsome and suave design perfectly compliments Han’s cool, charismatic attitude.

Batsuit – The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Batsuit isn’t a much a weapon as Iron Man’s armor is, but it’s still paramount to Batman’s persona. It features a Bat Belt with tools that allow him to disappear into the night, grapple away, or even attack thugs. The suit itself is designed for stealth and quickness while also being mostly bullet/dog proof with incredibly sharp gauntlets for scarring psychopaths. Although not technically a weapon, the Batsuit’s versatile gadgets and endless capabilities amplify Batman’s dominance and driving force. Plus, The Dark Knight Batsuit may be the coolest Batsuit we’ve ever seen.

Chewbacca’s Bowcaster – Star Wars

Chewie’s bowcaster may be the most powerful blaster in Star Wars, so much so that even Han likes it. Clearly more than a normal blaster, Chewie’s bowcaster blows multiple people away with every shot. While it’s incredibly destructive and iconic, I personally believe that there are better-looking blasters in Star Wars. It’s a great weapon though, perfect for capping Stormtroopers.

Spider-Man’s Web Shooters – MCU

Spider-Man’s web shooters are pretty great at webbing up bad guys or shutting up loudmouths, but they’re not the most powerful or destructive tools. Of course, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, we’ve seen how deadly they can be, but Peter Parker doesn’t use these advanced capabilities. They are incredibly versatile though as they allow Spidey to swing through cities, get to high places, or even patch together boats. While Tony Stark’s web shooter design is pretty cool, we hardly ever see them because they’re hidden in Spider-Man’s suit.

Captain America’s Shield – MCU

Captain America’s shield is great because it doubles as a weapon and a defensive tool. Its vibranium build makes it nearly indestructible, protecting Cap from any and all dangers. It also doesn’t follow the laws of physics so he can throw it like a boomerang, incapacitating multiple enemies at a time. Cap’s shield is great. For our categories, it hits a two in power and versatility because it’s not all that powerful nor is it all that versatile. It is, however, an inspirational emblem for children everywhere.

Wonder Woman’s Gauntlets – DCEU

While Wonder Woman’s sword and shield are great, in an effort to diversify, let’s focus on those shiny gauntlets. Not only do these small wrist gauntlets protect her entire body from energy blasts, she can also slam her gauntlets together to produce a sonic shock. Furthermore, these gauntlets are incredibly stylish and fit with either formal or casual wear.

Identity Disc – TRON

The identity disc not only stores all the information of your entire being, it also serves as an incredibly potent short and long-range weapon. In close quarters, it can be used like a blade and in long ranges, it serves as a dangerous projectile. Just one hit with an identity disc can completely destroy an opponent. As with everything in the TRON universe, the bright neon video game vibe keeps everything lively and fun.

Proton Pack – Ghostbusters

The proton pack does one thing really well: capture ghosts. This one function, along with its high probability of ending all life on earth, earns its high power score, but it also earns its low versatility score. The Ghostbusters are so iconic, you can be one too. Just make a proton pack with some old vacuum parts, throw on a brown jumpsuit and you’re ready to catch some ghosts.

The One Ring – Lord of the Rings

The One Ring to rule them all. The One Ring can render the user invisible, dominate the wills of others, and control the other rings. Although the ring is very powerful and very versatile, we’ve seen how The Ring can corrupt the souls of mortals, so it requires a strong will to wield. In terms of cool factor, well, it’s a gold ring.

Wizard’s Wand – Harry Potter

You can do nearly anything with a wizard’s wand. In terms of cool factor, well, it’s a stick.

Mjolnir – MCU

Before Stormbreaker, Mjolnir was perhaps the most powerful weapon in the MCU because of its sheer destructive force. It also doubled as a flight tool, propelling Thor through the air to the hearts of villainous armies. Of course, with the introduction of Stormbreaker, Mjolnir loses points because Stormbreaker does everything Mjolnir does better and more. Mjolnir is still a pretty cool looking hammer though.

Exo-Suits – Edge of Tomorrow

The Exo-Suits in Edge of Tomorrow are perfect for alien killing. They are excellently designed and act similarly to Iron Man’s armor, although they feature fewer capabilities and options. We’re just waiting to see them in action again –– where’s the sequel already?

Iron Man’s Armor – MCU

Iron Man’s suits may be the most well-rounded weapons on this list. They’re incredibly destructive, easily portable, and they can fly. When armored, Tony Stark is a force to be reckoned with because he can attack you in multiple ways from all angles. Furthermore, he’s had hundreds of suits, all of which may be the coolest outfits in cinema. Iron Man’s suits are great weapons and we’re always excited for new iterations.

Lightsaber – Star Wars

The lightsaber may be the most iconic weapon of all time. It’s destructive yet elegant and the endless customization options open up opportunities for myriad designs. It cuts through nearly everything, it deflects blaster bolts, and in the hands of a force user, they become nearly unstoppable. It’s only knock is its lack of long-range capabilities.

Stormbreaker – Avengers: Infinity War

“The Thanos killing kind.” Perhaps the only weapon in the MCU that could defeat Thanos, Thor’s new battle axe is phenomenal on all levels. In the god of Thunder’s hands, it can kill other gods, obliterate armies, and open the Bifrost. Clearly, Stormbreaker dwarfs the power of Thor’s hammer and it has instantly become a new classic. We’re excited to see Thor use it again.

Infinity Gauntlet – Avengers: Infinity War

I know I just broke my own scale, but c’mon, with a snap of his fingers, Thanos wiped out half of the galaxy. There’s nothing more powerful. Thanos is unstoppable with all six infinity stones and can do literally whatever he wants. He can teleport anywhere, create anything, and destroy anything, the options are endless. Also, all the stones fit on a dope, gold gauntlet, making it easy for Thanos to destroy the universe in style.

Pierce Singgih: Lover of coffee, the emdash, and General Hux. Journalism student at Biola University in Los Angeles.