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The 25 Best Movie Trailers of 2019

From the memorable to the meme-able, here are the trailers that piqued our interest in 2019.
Rewind Best Movie Trailers
By  · Published on December 9th, 2019

20. Her Smell | Official Trailer

Chaotic, percussive, and spiraling, Her Smell’s trailer promises an anxious descent into the dark side of public personas, growing up, and rock and roll. The vibe is claustrophobic and burnt out, making for a compelling if hostile pitch for a divisive film built around one of the best lead performances of the year. 

What it’s selling: Self-destruction, manic energy, and a killer performance from Elizabeth Moss. 

Best moment: Anytime Moss smiles. 

19. The Irishman | Official Trailer

The official teaser for The Irishman is a tense unraveling of credits and plot points that gets the blood pumping. While perhaps not as accurate to the meditative, deeply melancholic realities of Martin Scorsese’s final product, the teaser is stone-cold coal for the hype train. Seeing this trio of greats together under one cinematic roof? Joe mother fucking Pesci coming out of retirement? Jesus Christ. 

What it’s selling: Gorgeous period cars, meticulous set design, and legends only. 

Best moment: “You might be demonstrating a failure to show appreciation.”

18. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Teaser

Sometimes less is more, you know? Rey in the desert, lightsaber at the ready, facing down an oncoming vehicle: it’s riveting stuff. And damn it. You play John Williams and you might as well pilfer my wallet, Disney, goddamn. Throw in some quick glimpses of beautiful planets, familiar faces, action set pieces, and oh boy, that due date can’t roll around soon enough.

What it’s selling: MVP John Williams, plenty of space swashbuckling, and closure.

Best moment: Palpatine’s laugh. 

17. The Farewell | Official Trailer

Soft, sad, and boundlessly gentle, The Farewell’s trailer is, like its final product, sincere, funny, and bittersweet. It’s warm and welcoming, pitching a healthy dose of dark humor and a lingering emotional whammy. This is a grief trip well-worth taking. 

What it’s selling: Tears, family feels, and a stellar lead performance from Awkwafina.

Best moment: “You stupid child.”

16. The Report | Official Trailer

The Report lays its thesis on the table: this is a film about the manpower and human risk that went into reporting on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program. The trailer promises an escalating how-did-it, laying out the facts and centering the real people behind the news headlines. With an escalating nervousness and compellingly censorious typography, The Report trailer is tight, tense, and undeniably compelling.

What it’s selling: A dramatization of a complex and critical political reveal.

Best moment: “Well maybe when the report comes out people will see that.”

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