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The 40 Best ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Villains, Ranked

Attention Slayers: these are the greatest adversaries in the many adventures of Buffy Summers.
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By  · Published on September 20th, 2018

30. Jack O’Toole

Jack O Toole

Every sitcom should have a “Zeppo” episode. That one entry over the entirety of the season – or maybe even entire series – in which the sidekick gets to steal the spotlight for thirty minutes. In this case, that spotlight belongs to Xander Harris, Buffy’s most mayonnaise friend, who doesn’t quite contribute as much as the rest of the group. It’s not his fault, really, he always goes for snacks when the gang goes to the library for a research party. It’s just that he doesn’t have any superpowers. Willow is a witch, Oz is a werewolf, Buffy and Faith are Slayers, and Xander is…well…the sarcastic snacks guy. That’s why when Xander wanders off on his own to wallow in his identity crisis, and he comes up against a real life-or-death problem, everyone just kind of shrugs off his hints as he’s just crying wolf. That’s when Jack and his bully buddies want to indoctrinate Xander into their undead gang, and the requirement for his rite of passage is that he has to die, Xander learns that there’s something special about being the Zeppo of the group – because doing this every day truly isn’t worth all of the spotlight.

29. Clem


Whether he’s watching Passions or babysitting Spike’s crypt while he’s away, or cheating at poker so that he might score some tasty kittens, Clem has always been a welcome addition to the Buffyverse – even if he first entered the game as an enemy. This wrinkly Loose-Skinned Demon may contain sharp claws, bloodshot eyes and the ability to turn his face into tentacles, but in the end, he proves himself to be a true friend to the Slayerettes as he comes through, again and again, to help take care of Dawn, even if that just means being there to set up a chip tasting test and offer a ride to the nearest PG-13 movie.

28. M’Fashnik


When you’re Buffy Summers, it’s good to know that even when you’re down in the dumps, some demon will inevitably come crashing through your final straw and forcefully land in the last semblance of a life you had left. Such is the case with M’Fashnik, the mercenary demon whom the Trio – Andrew, Warren, and Jonathan – have hired to rob a bank on their behalf. M’Fashnik, who comes from a long line of demons who commit slaughter and mayhem for the highest bidder, has agreed to the geek’s ridiculous plan under one condition: that in exchange for his troubles, the Trio bring him the head of the Slayer. It’s all fun and games until Warren hands off Buffy’s name and home address. Now, while Buffy is in the midst of dealing with her mother’s debt, she’ll have one more thing added to her plate – one pissed off demon who seems suspiciously determined to destroy every expensive piece of furniture in the Summers’ home.

27. Zachary Kralick


A psychopathic vampire hell-bent on carrying out his vendetta against mothers is about to be let loose on Buffy Summers. Normally, this statement would be received so casually it might not even elicit a shrug. However, in “Helpless”, Buffy is not at her full Slayer power. To be a little more specific, she’s completely depleted of her powers as a result of the Watcher Council’s barbaric traditions. Apparently, whenever a Slayer turns eighteen years old, her Watcher is supposed to secretly administer injections which yield the Slayer powerless before the council traps her in a house with a vampire and wishes her the best of luck – a test meant to determine the true strength and resolve of the Chose One once she’s rendered as defenseless as an everyday girl. Of course, going up against just any vampire would already be a change for a girl lacking her usual superhuman strength. However, once you add in the fact that Zachary Kralick used to be a serial killer in his human life who murdered over a dozen women this villain goes from unreal to unfeasible.

26. Bezoar


If The Faculty, Slither, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers had a baby, it might look something like “Bad Eggs”, the season two episode twelve entry on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the episode in which our brave Slayer comes face to face with the demon Bezoar. Stuck living underneath Sunnydale High School, the tentacle ridden Bezoar passes its time making little Bezoar babies which look like regular eggs but hatch creepy crawlies who attach themselves to a human host and drain their life sources. After the health teacher is taken over by one of these parasites, he passes out the eggs to the students under the guise of a parental experiment, and as the kids bring their little egg babies home in their makeshift diapers, they, too, are taken over one by one. If not for Buffy and one well-placed pickaxe, this whole town would’ve eventually be taken over by these lively eggs, the whole populace reduced to digging out Bezoar from the depths of the Sunnydale basement, some of them occasionally swallowed up by the beast when he grew bored.

25. Toth


If there’s one thing Joss Whedon loves more than ruining Buffy’s birthday, it’s creating duplicates of his characters, and the third episode of season five, aptly titled “The Replacement”, is no exception. There were two Willows in “Dopplegangland” and “The Wish”, and two Buffy’s in “Intervention”, so it only makes sense that at some point there would have to be two Xanders – a trick no doubt made easier by the fact that actor Nicholas Brendon actually has an identical twin brother. In the episode, Xander jumps in front of Toth’s laser blast to protect Buffy and inadvertently creates to Alexander Lavelle Harris’, completely alike in every single way. Well, almost. The only thing is, this new Xander seems to be outdoing the old one. He’s more confident at work, he easily lands the apartment the old Xander was coveting – he even sweeps Anya off her feet in a manner that’s slightly more seductive. Just when Xander is about to throw in the towel and allow this imposter to take his place full time, Buffy steps in to tell Xander the truth – he’s been split in two, as a result of Toth, the black light demonoid whose face looks like melted down glow in the dark ceiling stars poured onto a cracked graham cracker. It’s a goofy demon for a goofy episode, and it’s hard not to feel giddy while watching it – especially when Xander does the Snoopy dance.

24. The Anointed One

Anointed One

One of the most awesome and blasphemous things Buffy the Vampire Slayer ever did was turn a little kid into a vampire. “From the ashes of five, the Anointed shall rise” Giles reads from one of his many trustworthy ancient texts, but not even he is prepared to face the fact that Buffy’s new biggest threat is a man so little he needs a stepping stool to brush his teeth before bedtime. It’s wickedly unnerving watching him talk about killing the Slayer and her friends, but the show really goes for it when they allow Spike to burn the youngster alive in the sun during season two. This character is bold all around and serves as a firm and clever reminder that any person at any age can be a vampire, showing that no one is safe, and appearances can be very deceiving.

23. Queller Demon


When Buffy’s mom is given leave to go back home for a few days before her brain surgery, she unknowingly takes a Queller Demon along with her, who hitches a ride on the bottom of Joyce’s car. Falling to earth like a shooting star, the Queller Demon, as discovered through Scooby research, is occasionally called to earth when a plague of some sort hits and a large number of casualties need to be accounted for. In this case, Ben summons the bug-like beast to Sunnydale in order to “clean up Glory’s mess”, a.k.a. devour all of the poor innocent people whom Glory has made insane by sucking out their brains when she was hungry. Aside from how gross the Queller demon is on its own, it’s unnerving in and of itself to think of the slimy slug as being a metaphorical vacuum for all of Glory’s loose ends.

22. Kulak of the Miquot Clan


A wicked sharp creative vampire, Mr. Trick, may have come to Sunnydale as Kakistos’ right-hand man, but he stays long after his O.G. boss bites the dust, even eventually taking his entrepreneurial skills to the polls as he teams up with the Mayor. However, before this sharp dressed man puts on his politician hat, he hosts an event he calls ‘SlayerFest 98’ – an event wherein Mr. Trick assembles a group of demons to shell out cash to hunt down Buffy and Faith. Demons like Kulak of the Miquot Clan, or “Spiny head looking creature” as Mr. Trick calls him. Bearing bright yellow skin and a sharp spiked set of protruding scales on his head, Kulak looks like a pissed off punk dinosaur, and it’s actually pretty rad, especially when his arms slice open and bone-like spears pop out like knives for him to throw.

21. Kakistos


If the one thing a Watcher fears more than anything is losing their Slayer, then the one thing a Slayer fears most of all is seeing her watcher die. That’s why when Faith witnesses Kakistos rip her Watcher to shreds right in front of her, she flees to Sunnydale, seeks out Buffy, and inadvertently becomes the second Chosen One in town. It’s not that Faith means to give Buffy Single White Female vibes, it’s just that when Kendra was killed at the end of season two, a new Slayer was called upon, and thus Faith shifted from a potential to a full-time player. Now, with Kakistos, a vampire so old his hands and feet are cloven, hot on both the girls’ tails, they’ll have to put aside their differences and team up to defeat this gigantic bloodthirsty sow, before he knocks the current living Slayer status back down to one.

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