‘Berberian Sound Studio’ Trailer is Like Movie Tech Geek Catnip


It might sound kind of weird to try to set a thriller in a sound design studio, what with their being the domain of nodes, dials, tech geeks, and whatnot, but that’s exactly what writer/director Peter Strickland has done with his new thriller Berberian Sound Studio, and various FSR reviewers seem to be in agreement that the results of this experiment are gorgeous and intriguing, if not a little bit befuddling and empty. The consensus seems to be that it’s a solid B-.

If you want to catch a glimpse of what everyone is so interested in and confused by, as well as a taste of Toby Jones being innocuously creepy like only he can, and some insight into how they make all those gross wet noises for slasher movies, then follow the link and watch the film’s new trailer below.

Right? All it takes is an Italian lady screaming, Toby Jones staring off into the distance, and a bunch of intense noises made by fruits and vegetables to get you squirming in your seat. Berberian Sound Studio looks to be the rare sort of movie that can be both educational and disgusting – at least from these two minutes of footage. There are those troubling parts of the provided reviews that intimate that things aren’t actually as skin crawling in the full film as they appear to be here though.

Now is probably the time to consume all of this conflicting information and decide what your strategy for watching Berberian Sound Studio is going to be, because it’s set to get a simultaneous VOD and theatrical release on June 14. Are you going to make the trip out to a theater, watch it at home, or wait until it can be rented? How much is Toby Jones, a movie-centric plot, and a solid B- worth to you?

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