Ben Stiller and Akiva Schaffer Eyeballing ‘Neighborhood Watch’

Way back in 2009 there was supposed to be a movie called Neighborhood Watch starring Will Ferrel and directed by Wedding Crashers’ David Dobkin, but talent clashed with studio to the point that it didn’t ever happen. Fox isn’t a studio to just lie down and die however. I guess somebody in charge must really like the project, because a whole new wave of talent has been tossed at the script. Things didn’t work out with Ferrell and Dobkin creatively, but recently Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have written a new draft of the script. You might have heard of them, they did stuff like Superbad and Pineapple Express. Oh yeah, and Rogen has acted in so many movies over the last five years that you’re probably sick of him.

But don’t worry, Rogen isn’t the new guy rumored to star. Now that there’s a spiffy new version of the script written by top talent comedy mega-star Ben Stiller is being courted to star in the film. Oh. His character would be a city boy who ends up moving to the suburbs and joining the neighborhood watch. What might seem like a pretty boring gig proves to be nothing of the sort when he finds himself right in the middle of some sort of extraterrestrial cover-up. Sounds goofy, so it’s probably going to need a goofy guy to direct.

Good news, they’re going after one of those too. Akiva Schaffer, who is best known for making all of those viral videos on the Internet with Andy Samberg, is the name being looked at to take control of the film. In addition to his work on the Internet and Saturday Night Live, Schaffer has also directed the Samberg vehicle Hot Rod, which was ridiculous in all of the right ways. So, despite the fact that Neighborhood Watch has a bit of a troubled past, that’s a whole lot of comedic talent that’s being brought in to patch up whatever was wrong. Sure, none of this may end up panning out, and in two years we might once again be reading about a new hot young director and a big name actor combination being looked at to finally get this thing off the ground; but why do we have to focus on the negative? Let’s just be happy that every film Stiller looks at is taking him one step further away from making another Night at the Museum sequel. [24 Frames]

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