Ben Foster Burns Rubber in First Image From Stephen Frears’ Lance Armstrong Film

Foster as Armstrong

Empire has been so kind as to give us the first look at Ben Foster as cycling legend and lying liar who lies, Lance Armstrong, in the still-untitled biopic directed by Stephen Frears. Personally, I like 2Fast 2Armstrong, but I don’t think I’ll be consulted about this decision. The film is one of several Armstrong projects in the works right now, not to be confused with Alex Gibney’s documentary The Armstrong Lie, or that one with Bradley Cooper.

Filming only just began on October 18, but here Foster is already in his finest spandex, gunning it through a race as the crowd cheers him on. Pretty spot-on resemblance, no? Armstrong, of course, won the Tour de France seven consecutive times before being stripped of his titles for doping. It’s unclear which race this image depicts, but those smiling fans aren’t going to be too happy for much longer.

Chris O’Dowd also stars as Irish sports journalist David Walsh, who first raised speculation about Armstrong’s potential drug habits before anyone else had their suspicions. Jesse Plemons (Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad) and Guillaume Canet also have unspecified roles in the script penned by John Hodge.

They can call me if they want to use my title, it’s totally fine.