Behind the Scenes with 007

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Just thought we’d share a peek behind the scenes with the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace that is in production right now.

ReelzChannel has a look behind the scenes at the flick and what is happening with it. You’ll hear from director Marc Forster and see some of the shooting from January 3, when they got filming under way. Producer Michael G Wilson talks about how there will be more action sequences, and you get to see some of the stunt training.

Quantum of Solace

Of course, they show Daniel Craig with his thoughts about the “high expectations” for his second Bond flick, doing some rehearsals on the jet-boat and so forth.

I gotta say, things certainly seem a lot different during this production phase than for the last Bond movie, a lot calmer. Forster was talking about how scary it is to try and live up to the last movie, but I have to laugh. If you remember last time with Casino Royale, it was a much scarier situation with a lot of tension. There was a lot of controversy about whether Daniel Craig could live up to the role of James Bond, and there were websites out there trashing him and saying he wouldn’t be any good in the role (the “blond Bond”). There were stories about him getting his teeth knocked out on the set during a fight scene, and so on. There were also all these stories about Eva Green and how hot she was as the new Bond girl, and how racy her previous movies were (The Dreamers). There was a lot of uncertainty last time about the project and the whole future of the 007 franchise, and pressure to perform — or else.

These days, though, the talk is all about living up to the high expectations created by the overwhelming success of Casino Royale — and you know, that’s good. It’s a lot more fun to live up to high expectations than to have to deal with low ones. Last time, the pressure was on to save the Bond franchise. Now, the focus has turned to living up to the success of the previous movie. People are instead talking about cinematic details, such as the name of the film. “Quantum of Solace? What the heck does that stand for?!”

One thing that is not different from the last Bond movie: people are still talking about how hot the new Bond girl is (Olga Kurylenko). Some things never change.

Source: Reelz Channel