Because You Asked For It: Showgirls 2

By  · Published on October 7th, 2009

Before everyone calls me out for being wrong, yes, since I’ve shuffled through Robert Fure’s DVD collection I realize that there’s already a Showgirls 2 that mostly involves people fornicating and someone named Nikki Rider involved.

But let’s pretend that neither of us know that so we can start fresh.

And speaking of starting fresh, it seems like someone out there thinks it’s a fan-damn-tastic idea to give us even more Showgirlsy goodness with a sequel that will pop out of the system like the answer to a question nobody asked.

According to JoBlo, the pre-eminent site for all things movie and breast-of-the-day related, writer/director Marc Vorlander (who has the title writer/director because of unclear reasons) sees some serious merit in birthing unto the world Showgirls: A Story of Hope. I realize you’re laughing at the title now, but you’ll be laughing extra hard when I tell you what the main character’s name is. That’s right. It’s “Story.”

Just kidding. It’s Hope. As in, the character Hope who was played by Rena Riffel in the original. Apparently the character is compelling enough to have $25 million poured into her story (of Hope) and for production to get underway in Frankfurt. Of course, Riffel is on board for the project.

Words (except the 200 or so preceding this sentence) fail.

What do you think?

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