BBC America’s ‘Outcasts’ Finds Jamie Bamber Right Where ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Left Him

Leave it to the BBC to brighten up our afternoon with news of yet another interesting series in the development pipeline. While other networks are knocking off Avatar and others are tapping geek girl Olivia Munn for their new shows, BBC America has tapped Battlestar Galactica star Jamie Bamber and several others for their new futuristic sci-fi show Outcasts. I will let the BBC America announcement do the rest:

Outcasts is set in 2040 on a recently-discovered planet and tells of the dilemmas, loves and lives of a group of people setting up a new world. This life-sustaining planet is now home to the surviving population from Earth. Here there is a chance to start again, to bring the lessons learnt from Earth and to put them into action on a new planet.

The series begins on the day the last known transporter from Earth arrives, prompting great excitement on the new planet – who is on board? Friends and loved ones? Important supplies and news from Earth? But also many questions – will the new people bring the problems of Earth with them? Will the mistakes that destroyed Earth be repeated? Will the arrival of a new, would-be leader, rock the fragile and precarious equilibrium of the fresh, unified and courageous new world? And, most importantly of all, how do is a new and better world created?

Production is currently underway in South Africa with Bamber, Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty, The L Word), Liam Cunningham (Clash Of The Titans), Hermione Norris (MI-5, Wire In The Blood), Daniel Mays (The Bank Job, Atonement), Amy Mason (Being Human, Torchwood) and South African actress and model Jeanne Kietzmann (pictured above right) also cast in the series.

With a cast like that, I can’t imagine I’ll be able to keep this show off my radar for long. Also, it feels like a series that picks up right where Battlestar Galactica left off.

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