Batman 3 Production Could Start in February 2009?

Batman 3

My weekly read-through of the pages of Production Weekly have yielded a few interesting factoids about some upcoming productions. There is one about The First Avenger: Captain America and a few of the other Marvel movies, but we begin tonight with some possible news around the highly-anticipated next Batman film. As we have reported over the past few months, no official announcement has been made from either Warner Bros. or director Christopher Nolan, but the studio has acknowledged that they would like to make another one — and why shouldn’t they? The Dark Knight brought in a few dollars at the box office, and it would appear that fans are excited for the next chapter.

And as recently as yesterday, rumors about Christopher Nolan being in pre-production were squashed by comments from a WB exec. But it appears that even those comments have not been enough to stop Production Weekly from listing the film in ‘Active Development’ status. As well, they also note that ‘Pre-production is scheduled to begin in February 2009.’

Now, there are two potential things at work here. Either PW is reporting this based on the internet rumors that have already been squashed, or they know something that the rest of us don’t. Either way, it isn’t that much of a stretch to think that Christopher Nolan could be starting in on pre-production for Batman 3 in February. Currently he is on vacation and should be back in Batman-mode toward the end of the calendar year.

What do you think? Is it reasonable to assume that Christopher Nolan could be in pre-production on Batman 3 in February?

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