Barbarella in Trouble

Who seduces an angel? Who takes sex to outer space? Who’s going to make this thing? The list of Barbarella’s iconic rhetorical questions just added a new one after Universal Pictures announced that it’s dropping the project. IGN is reporting that either money or love is to blame for the dismissal.

Robert Rodriguez has been planning to utilize his indie-rebel cred to remake the sexed up classic for a new generation of sci-fi geeks, but sources are claiming that either his inflated budget or his choice to use girlfriend Rose McGowan as the lead that sunk the deal for Universal.

This leads to yet another great question: if Rodriguez finds a new home for it, can McGowan carry a movie like this? Is she the right actress to revive Jane Fonda’s sultry seductress in space? Will she have an automatic weapon for a leg?

One can only hope. For now, it’s a waiting game to see if this thing will have us on the edge of our seats or simply go down the drain.

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