Barack Obama Votes for The Godfather

Of all the movies ever made, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s #1 pick is the same as the fans’ #1 pick: The Godfather. Obama’s second favorite movie is, you guessed it, Godfather II.

When it comes to the actor Senator Obama would like to see play him if a biopic is in the future, his choice is not Al Pacino, it’s Will Smith. In fact, they’ve already discussed it. So much for SNL’s Fred Armisen trying for an audition.

Senator Obama showed a good sense of humor in an interview with the Associated Press when he said “Will and I have talked about this because he has the ears!”

In response to AP’s question “Does campaigning leave you any time to watch movies?” Obama said “Sometimes when you’re out in remote areas, there’s not much you can do. You go for a burger, that’s safe. If you start getting fancy you could get into trouble. If you’re in a place like Iowa or Wisconsin there’s gonna be cheese on just about everything. If you start eating too much junk, you’ll never survive.”

While Senator Obama is eating cheeseburgers and stumping for the nomination, I plan to watch his third favorite movie, Lawrence of Arabia.

Sound Off: Anyone care to guess what Hilary Clinton’s favorite movie is? How about John McCain?

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