Bangkok Dangerous Movie Trailer – Nic Cage’s Mullet Kills People!

Nicolas Cage in Bankok Dangerous

Yesterday we scored you a look at the poster for Nicolas Cage’s upcoming action flick Bangkok Dangerous, which is directed by the Pang Brothers. Cage stars as an assassin who has always been good at staying anonymous, until he lets himself get too relaxed and ultimately puts his entire existence in danger. Of course, along the way he meets a smokin’ hot Asian chick who diverts his attention — who wouldn’t take their eye off the ball in that situation?

[flv: 500 292]

The movie looks like it sports a fair enough action and some solid cinematography. And even though I am not familiar with the entire filmography of Danny and Oxide Pang (who previously directed The Eye, The Eye 2 and The Messengers), I can see from the trailer that they have an eye for blowing shit up. And that is really all that count in a situation like this one. At least, as long as Nicolas Cage’s crazy mullet doesn’t get in the way.

Bangkok Dangerous will hit theaters on August 22nd.

Trailer Courtesy of Lionsgate Pictures

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