‘Baggage Claim’ Trailer: Classic Cliches, Bad Puns, and Likely Illegal Tricks Take Flight

Baggage Claim

Let’s see if we can possibly get the plot of David E. Talbert’s Baggage Claim straight. The film stars the lovely Paula Patton as an unlucky-in-love flight attendant who, despite always being a happily independent woman, suddenly decides to land a husband ASAP (as one of the film’s taglines puts it, “she’s done flying solo”). Why? Well, her younger sister is getting married and the previously not-marriage-obsessed Montana Moore (yes, that’s Patton’s character’s name, because why not?) is bound and determined to find a man to put a ring on her before her baby sis gets her own wedding ring (because that’s healthy and smart?).

Somehow, Montana and her pack of equally-as-loony flight attendant friends (Jill Scott and Adam Brody, who are both, admittedly, amusingly cast here) come up with a plan that includes, as best we can tell, illegally stalking the flying habits of former ex-boyfriends and possible new hotties so that Montana can serve as their flight attendant, and (presumably) get them to fall in love with her. Well, alright. Good luck with that. Hope no one has a peanut allergy.

If you didn’t think air travel could get much worse, take a look at the first trailer for Baggage Claim after the break.

Baggage Claim opens on September 27th. [Apple]

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