Back In Time Trailer: Celebrate Back to the Future With a Documentary On Its Legacy

Almost two years ago, I spotlighted Back in Time as it was raising money to be made. It exceeded its crowd funding goal at the time, but now it’s back on Kickstarter seeking a higher amount to get it past the finish line. It’s a much bigger project now, too, which is why it needs another $50k. In 2013, the documentary was simply focused on the hardcore fandom of Back to the Future associated primarily with Delorean ownership. And its biggest name interview was with screenwriter Bob Gale.

Now the scope is expanded much more broadly on the cultural impact of the sci-fi trilogy and, as you can see in the trailer above, interviews with Gale, director Robert Zemeckis, cinematographer Dean Cundey, composer Alan Silvestri, effects supervisor Kevin Pike and actors Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, James Tolkan, Claudia Wells, who played the original Jennifer, Jeffrey Weissman, who played the lawsuit-causing replacement George McFly in the sequels, and Donald Fullilove, who played Goldie Wilson. Also, celebrity fan Dan Harmon.

The filmmakers explain why they have to reach their hands back out in the campaign video accompanying the trailer. It’s basically because there’s been so much interest in the project, and with so much attention, they had to be sure they were making something special. Producer Lee Leshen also tells me that given that this is the 30th anniversary, they felt they had to cover more than just the movie’s time machine. And of course, because this year is the future date traveled to in Back to the Future Part II, they also had to address the imagined tech of 2015 and showcase the world’s first real, working hoverboards.

What’s important to note is that Back in Time is still on track to premiere at the special anniversary event We’re Going Back that’s to be held in Los Angeles this October. And if you back the film with a mere $12, you’ll also get to see it digitally around the same time.

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