Valerie Ettenhofer

Valerie Ettenhofer is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer, TV-lover, and mac and cheese enthusiast. As a Senior Contributor at Film School Rejects, she covers television through regular reviews and her recurring column, Episodes. She is also a voting member of the Critics Choice Association's television and documentary branches. Twitter: @aandeandval (She/her)
Impeachment American Crime Story Feldstein

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ Reframes the Clinton-Lewinsky Narrative Once and For All

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The FX series takes on one of the biggest stories of the 1990s and compellingly tears down media-made misconceptions in the process.

What We Do In The Shadows Season

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Season 3 is a Mixed Bag (of Blood)

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The latest episodes of the vampire comedy start off light on charm and laughs, but it eventually recovers its footing.

The Other Two Season 2

‘The Other Two’ is a Can’t-Miss Satire of Celebrity

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

In its second season, the under-watched but excellent satire makes the jump from Comedy Central to HBO Max and is even better there.

Nine Perfect Strangers Nicole Kidman

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is an Actor Showcase First and a Mystery Second

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Regina Hall, and Michael Shannon are just the tip of the ensemble cast iceberg in this limited series set at a mysterious wellness center.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8

The Final Season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Takes On the Problem of Its Own Premise

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

In its eighth — and final — season, the beloved sitcom is turning a critical eye to its cuddly cop concept. But is it doing enough?

Fleabag Season 2 Episode4 Waller-Bridge

The Flashback Episode That Transformed ‘Fleabag’

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The fourth episode of Series 2 is sexy, sad, and the emotional key to the whole show.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 2

‘Ted Lasso’ is Not Trying to Be Your Comfort Show

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The beloved show’s second season is slightly darker and more complicated, questioning its own central conceit but still delivering laughs and great performances.

Never Have I Ever Season 2

‘Never Have I Ever’ Shines by Loving Its Messy Protagonist

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

In the second season of Netflix’s teen rom-com series, Devi continues to make plenty of mistakes.

Wellington Paranormal Review

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Spin-Off ‘Wellington Paranormal’ is Finally Here, and It’s Dryly Hilarious

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The monster-chasing mockumentary series has already aired three seasons in New Zealand, and is finally crossing the pond with episodes airing on The CW and HBO Max.