Valerie Ettenhofer

Valerie Ettenhofer is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer, TV-lover, and mac and cheese enthusiast. As a Senior Contributor at Film School Rejects, she covers television through regular reviews and her recurring column, Episodes. She is also a voting member of the Critics Choice Association's television and documentary branches. Twitter: @aandeandval (She/her)
Severance Review Appletv

‘Severance’ is an Ominous and Ingenious Workplace Thriller

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The excellent Apple TV+ series follows employees of a shady corporation who sever the connection between their work and home lives.

Inventing Anna

‘Inventing Anna’ is a Grating True Story That Runs Too Long

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Julia Garner can’t save this overlong Netflix drama about real-life scammer Anna Delvey.

2nd Chance Documentary

Bulletproof Vest Doc ‘2nd Chance’ Tells A Wild Tale Without Focus

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

A Sundance documentary about the inventor of the bulletproof vest tells a compelling story that wanders in all the wrong directions.

Pam and Tommy

‘Pam & Tommy’ is as Humanizing as It is Entertaining

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Hulu’s series about the celebrity sex tape scandal that rocked the ’90s mostly forgoes salaciousness in favor of empathy for the couple at its core.

Golden Girls Sick And Tired

What the ‘Golden Girls’ Chronic Illness Episode Means to Me

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Dorothy’s traumatic and frustrating journey through the medical system hits close to home for people who live with chronic illnesses, like our TV critic Valerie Ettenhofer.

Fresh Sundance Sebastian Stan

‘Fresh’ is a Shocking Trojan Horse That Commits to the Bit

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

It may not work as social commentary horror, but Mimi Cave’s feature debut is still an over-the-top delight for anyone willing to roll with its surprisingly dark punches.

The Gilded Age

‘The Gilded Age’ is a Lavish, Engrossing Period Drama

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The latest drama from ‘Downton Abbey’ creator Julian Fellowes is a sprawling, engaging look into late-1800s New York society life.

Non-Binary Pop Culture 2021

In 2021, Pop Culture Went Beyond The Binary

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Last year saw more on-screen projects from non-binary and gender non-conforming creators than ever before.

Ozark Season 4

Everyone is Miserable in the New Season of ‘Ozark’ Including Us

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The Netflix crime drama’s rote, redundant new season hints at an interesting endgame, but mostly just exhausts us in the meantime.