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Valerie Ettenhofer is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer, TV-lover, and mac and cheese enthusiast. As a Senior Contributor at Film School Rejects, she covers television through regular reviews and her recurring column, Episodes. She is also a voting member of the Critics Choice Association's television and documentary branches. Twitter: @aandeandval (She/her)

‘Killing Eve’ is Fresh Blood for Crime-Fighting Heroines

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

On TV, women who hunt killers often follow a predictable path. BBC America’s latest throws out the rulebook.

‘Eighth Grade’ Review: Teens and Technology Done Right (For Once)

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Bo Burnham’s narrative feature debut finds humor and hope in a painfully realistic middle school story.

Best Year In Film

The Best Year in Movies Was 2014

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

A year of gone girls and genre films, plus we survived The Interview.

Best Tv Shows First Quarter

The Best TV Shows of 2018 So Far

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

It’s never a bad time to celebrate great TV, and this year we already have plenty to celebrate.

Lgbtq List Love Simon

A Celebration of LGBTQ Movies and Shows with Happy Endings

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

‘Love, Simon’ joins an important, ever-growing list: joyful representations of LGBTQ characters on screen.

Violet Unit R

‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Review: Not So Super

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Without a propulsive central arc to hold Hell’s Kitchen together, Marvel’s once-great show has few strengths left.

20 Kid and Teen Books Hollywood Should Adapt After ‘A Wrinkle in Time’

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Nothing is unfilmable anymore; let’s put these childhood favorites on the big (or small) screen.

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Timothée Chalamet Deserves to Win Best Actor

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The young actor’s vulnerability and nuance deserve recognition.

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The Kids Are More Than Alright

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Kids on film offer their profoundly simple take on the world: adults would do well to pay attention.