Valerie Ettenhofer

Valerie Ettenhofer is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer, TV-lover, and mac and cheese enthusiast. As a Senior Contributor at Film School Rejects, she covers television through regular reviews and her recurring column, Episodes. She is also a voting member of the Critics Choice Association's television and documentary branches. Twitter: @aandeandval (She/her)

The Wide-Eyed Fan Love of ‘Almost Famous’

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical film is a love letter to the starry-eyed among us.

We Should Be Talking More About ‘GLOW’

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The Netflix comedy’s third season is a profoundly well-crafted continuation of a story we’ve come to love.

The New ‘Veronica Mars’ Goes Full Noir

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The revival season has an explosive central mystery and big questions on its mind.

‘Stranger Things’ is Back and All Grown Up

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

The Netflix hit is changing things up and the result is the funniest, darkest, and strangest season yet.


2019 Has Been a Year of Great Series Finales. No, Really.

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

If you can get past the Game of Thrones of it all, it’s been a good year for small-screen endings.

Movies Directed By Women Midyear

The Best Movies Directed By Women in 2019 So Far

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

We’ve got you covered with this list of the best recent films featuring women behind the camera.

How ‘Big Little Lies’ Moved Beyond Its Source Material

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

One big lie threatens the Monterey Five in the HBO series’ second season.

Deadwood Olyphant

Goodbye, Deadwood

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Thirteen years after the series was cut short, it ends on a high note with Deadwood: The Movie.

Andrew Scott

How ‘Fleabag’ Bridges the Gap with the Fourth Wall

By Valerie Ettenhofer 

Is it dramatic if we say that Fleabag’s second season made us believe in love again?