Jacob Trussell

Jacob Trussell is a writer based in New York City. His editorial work has been featured on the BBC, NPR, Rue Morgue Magazine, Film School Rejects, and One Perfect Shot. He's also the author of 'The Binge Watcher's Guide to The Twilight Zone' (Riverdale Avenue Books). Available to host your next spooky public access show. Find him on Twitter here: @JE_TRUSSELL (He/Him)
one Location Horror

10 Great Single Location Horror Movies

By Jacob Trussell 

A single location + an ensemble cast + some spooky shit = a horror bottle movie!

Hot Lava

10 Times Movies Played ‘The Floor is Lava’ And It Was Great

By Jacob Trussell 

This popular game-turned-trope has only one rule: try to stay off the ground!


‘Paperbacks from Hell’ Go To The Movies!

By Jacob Trussell 

A selection of our favorite adaptations from the goldmine that is paperback horror.


‘Cats’ or: Why We Should Stop Worrying and Love the Tom Hooper Movie Musical

By Jacob Trussell 

Did you think it wasn’t going to be weird?

Annabelle Warnerbros

The Magic of Anticipation in the ‘Annabelle’ Series

By Jacob Trussell 

The ventriloquist dummy from 1978’s ‘Magic’ set a precedent that would lead us to the new queen of killer dolls.


The Quiet Terror of ‘Alien’

By Jacob Trussell 

How sound (or lack of it) builds the sci-fi horror film’s seminal scares.

Toni Collette Hereditary

The Baddest and Raddest Moms of Horror

By Jacob Trussell 

Have you called your mother today?


From Cannon To Corman: The Early Marvel Movies

By Jacob Trussell 

Be they unproduced or unspectacular, here’s what our Marvel movies looked like before Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios came along.

Pet Sematary

The Ending of ‘Pet Sematary’ Explained

By Jacob Trussell 

This isn’t the first time we’ve experienced Stephen King’s story, but there is some new stuff talk about.