Jacob Trussell

Jacob Trussell is a writer based in New York City. His editorial work has been featured on the BBC, NPR, Rue Morgue Magazine, Film School Rejects, and One Perfect Shot. He's also the author of 'The Binge Watcher's Guide to The Twilight Zone' (Riverdale Avenue Books). Available to host your next spooky public access show. Find him on Twitter here: @JE_TRUSSELL (He/Him)
Lawnmower Man

Immersive Cinema: The Philosophy Behind VR

By Jacob Trussell 

VR is reshaping how we think of gaming. Will it do the same for filmmaking?

The Inhabitant

‘The Inhabitant’ Review: A Blisteringly Fresh Possession Film

By Jacob Trussell 

Guillermo Amoedo’s new film reminds us possession films can still have something new to say.


The Warrens Will Be Back Again to Battle ‘Annabelle’

By Jacob Trussell 

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson return in Gary Dauberman’s upcoming ‘Conjuring Universe’ sequel.

Killer Vehicles Horror Movies

10 Movie Vehicles Guaranteed to Kill You Faster Than Carbon Emissions

By Jacob Trussell 

Jesus is not taking this wheel.

Dracula Movie Bela Lugosi

‘Sherlock’ Team Returns With ‘Dracula’

By Jacob Trussell 

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are returning to their roots with Bram Stoker’s seminal classic.

George A Romero

The 50 Unearthed George Romero Scripts: Our Predictions

By Jacob Trussell 

Suzanne Desrocher-Romero found dozens of unproduced screenplays by her late husband, here’s what we think the treasure trove holds.

Days Pg

10 Scariest PG-Rated Horror Movies

By Jacob Trussell 

From haunted Oliver Reeds to screaming Donald Sutherlands, these PG films will have you second guessing the MPAA.

Rock Header

Every Episode of ’30 Rock’ Ranked

By Jacob Trussell 

Twelve years since it premiered, five years since it concluded: here’s the definitive ranking of every episode of ’30 Rock’

Pet Sematary

The Ground is Bad in the First ‘Pet Sematary’ Trailer

By Jacob Trussell 

Sometimes dead is better in our first look at the chilling Stephen King adaptation.