Author: Tara Settembre


Tribeca Review: War, Inc.

One of the more star studded films at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival is War, Inc. Unfortunately though, the film doesn’t live up to the expectations of its impressive cast.

Tara’s Tribeca Blog: The Robert De Niro

And a dream of mine has finally come true. While at the Tribeca Film Festival today covering the red carpet premiere of Tennessee I got to see stars like Mariah Carey and Ben Kingsley but nothing comp…

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Mr. Brooks

I didn't expect to like Mr. Brooks although I was originally intrigued by the idea of Robin Hood playing a serial killer.


Reese Witherspoon Stars in Rendition

Legally Blonde actress turned Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon has a new movie coming out, Rendition, with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Reese plays Isabella El-Ibrahimi, an American wife of an Egyptia…


The Brave One

The Brave One starring Jodie Foster is in the same vain as her recent thrillers, Flightplan and Panic Room, only this one is grittier and more harrowing. This intense story is like a female Batman ta…



Maybe it was the vague commercials or bloody logo, but I wasn't expecting to like 300, yet I did.From the mind of the creator of Sin City, 300 is also based on a graphic novel and filmed in the same a…