Anna Swanson

Anna Swanson is a Senior Contributor who hails from Toronto. She can usually be found at the nearest rep screening of a Brian De Palma film.

Learning From Gattaca’s Vision of Humanity’s Future

By Anna Swanson 

There might not be a gene for the human spirit, but there is a movie that captures it beautifully.

George Lazenby

The Best Bond You’ve Never Heard Of: Reflections On The Lazenby Era

By Meg Shields, and Anna Swanson 

Surprise! An Australian first-time actor is one of the best Bonds.

Binge Header Columbo

One More Thing: ‘Columbo’ Is The Hero We Need

By Anna Swanson 

The classic crime series showcases Peter Falk at his best, some of the greatest murder mysteries committed to the small screen, and a prime example of bingeworthy television.

Binge Header Seinfeld

Why ‘Seinfeld’ Still Holds Up

By Anna Swanson 

The seminal sitcom isn’t only still relevant, it’s needed more than ever.

A Place In The Sun

The Dark Side of ‘A Place in the Sun’

By Anna Swanson 

George Stevens’ sweeping melodrama is an example of how a film can be assessed in vastly different ways upon its initial release and in the years that follow.

From Russia With Love

From Scotland With Force: Reflections On Connery‘s Bond Era

By Anna Swanson, and Meg Shields 

In anticipation of ‘No Time To Die,’ we reflect on Sean Connery’s years as James Bond, how he shaped the character into a cultural icon, and what to make of the films that haven’t aged as well.

Oscar Nominees Reboot

Rebooting the 2020 Oscar Nominees

By Anna Swanson 

The Academy Awards need a reboot. We have an idea of where to start.

Brad Astra

A Brief History of the Oscars Brad Pitt Should Already Have

By Anna Swanson 

One of our most gifted performers has never won an Academy Award for acting, but he’s been deserving of quite a few.

Cliff Booth

Did Cliff Booth Kill His Wife? An In-Depth Investigation

By Anna Swanson 

Examining the ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood’ boat scene from every angle.