Anna Swanson

Anna Swanson is a Senior Contributor who hails from Toronto. She can usually be found at the nearest rep screening of a Brian De Palma film.
Greta Huppert

‘Greta’ Review: A Wickedly Fun Vehicle For Isabelle Huppert

By Anna Swanson 

Neil Jordan’s potentially cookie-cutter thriller is elevated by a superb performance from our greatest living actress. 


Screen Life Movies Can Change The Game If They’re Done Right

By Anna Swanson 

Desktop horror films are the hot new thing, but they need to learn how to respect the format and their audiences.

Frances Ha

In Defense of Going to the Movies While On Vacation

By Anna Swanson 

Next time you’re traveling, skip the tourist traps and head for the theater.

Road Trip Movies

The 25 Best Road Trip Movies Ever

By Anna Swanson 

Films to have on hand for when you need a taste of the open road from the comfort of your home.

Cher movies Mamma Mia

A Guide to Cher’s Best Film Performances

By Anna Swanson 

Making the silver screen a bit more glam, one movie at a time.

Fox Searchlight

9 Soccer Movies To Keep You In The World Cup Spirit After The Final

By Anna Swanson 

Sorry, 9 football movies to keep you in the World Cup spirit after the final.

Screen Shot At Pm

Before ‘The Purge’ There Was ‘Punishment Park’

By Anna Swanson 

What a 1971 mockumentary can teach us about modern horror.

Elizabeth Taylor's Hollywood Whos Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

Elizabeth Taylor’s Role In Rebuilding Hollywood

By Anna Swanson 

There’s a reason the last star of the Golden Age was also the first star of New Hollywood.

Ds Dng

You Are Living In The Year Of Elizabeth Debicki

By Anna Swanson 

If you’re not already familiar with this incredibly versatile actress, you’re about to be.