Anna Swanson

Anna Swanson is a Senior Contributor who hails from Toronto. She can usually be found at the nearest rep screening of a Brian De Palma film.
Dark Phoenix Xavier

‘Dark Phoenix’ Does A Disservice to ‘X-Men: First Class’

By Anna Swanson 

By sacrificing style for the sake of safety, the X-Men film series ends with a whimper.

Seinfeld And Veep

Good Riddance: Let’s Talk About the ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘VEEP’ Finales

By Anna Swanson 

What the two shows can teach us about saying goodbye to characters who are the best at being the worst.

Jack Header

Double Take: ‘The House That Jack Built’

By Anna Swanson, and Meg Shields 

‘The House That Jack Built’ is a divisive parade of depraved obscenities, and according to the Double Take duo: it rules. Here’s why.

Dt High Life

Double Take: ‘High Life’

By Meg Shields, and Anna Swanson 

In space, no one but Meg Shields and Anna Swanson can hear your bodily fluids. You’ll need to keep reading for the context.

Agnes Varda

Celebrating the Life and Films of Agnès Varda

By Anna Swanson 

The French Left Bank icon and feminist film pioneer will be deeply missed.

Transit Film

How ‘Transit’ Changes Our Understanding of the Ghost Story

By Anna Swanson 

Christian Petzold’s latest is unconventional in the best way possible.

Oscars Art

The 2019 Oscars Drama Is A Little Bit of History Repeating

By Anna Swanson 

The dramatic Oscar season of 1953 is repeating itself.


Destroyers: In Praise of Karyn Kusama’s Dangerous Women

By Anna Swanson 

The women of ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ ‘The Invitation,’ and ‘Destroyer’ are a new breed of antihero.

Green Book Mahershala And Viggo

‘Green Book’ Review: A Charming But Safe Crowd Pleaser

By Anna Swanson 

Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen shine in Peter Farrelly’s first foray into drama.