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Sundance Atmosphere Main Street

The Best Movies We Saw at Sundance 2021

By Film School Rejects 

Of the more than 70 features at the festival, these are our favorites, including the latest from Ben Wheatley and the first from Questlove.

Sundance Egyptian Marquee

Sundance 2021 Preview: 21 Films We Can’t Wait to Watch

By Film School Rejects 

Sundance 2021 might be virtual, but these 21 films are actually our most-anticipated of the fest.

Best Movies Collage

The 50 Best Movies of 2020

By Film School Rejects 

Follow along as we count down the 50 Best Movies of 2020, according to the team at Film School Rejects.

Hbo Max Logo

90 Great Movies and Shows to Stream on HBO Max

By Film School Rejects 

If you are new to HBO Max, we have a massive, in-depth list of movie and TV show recommendations to suit just about any mood.

Best Movies So Far

The Best Movies of 2020 So Far

By Film School Rejects 

As the Film School Rejects team continues to try to be safe, we’re celebrating some of the best movies we’ve watched so far in 2020.

Free Movies Blm

All the Movies Made Available to Watch Free in Support of Black Lives Matter

By Film School Rejects 

More than 25 movies from the 1920s through the 2020s have been made available to watch at no cost to you.

Oscar Banner

Oscars 2020: The Winners

By Film School Rejects 

The 92nd Academy Awards are here and we’ll be tracking the winners all night long. Join us for Oscars 2020.

Most Anticipated

The 52 Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

By Film School Rejects 

We’re not here to tell you how to live your life in 2020, but if you’d like to see more good movies, we think we can help.

Best Movies of 2019

The 50 Best Movies of 2019

By Film School Rejects 

There were more than 900 movies released in theaters in 2019. Even more went directly to streaming platforms. These are the 50 best, according to the Film School Rejects team.